TopHat®Shaft shaper

TopHat®Shaft shaper


Material: Stainless steel

5/16", 11/32" , 23/64"

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TopHat®Shaft shaper

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: Length 50 mm
  • Always as set (inkl. 3 attachment: 5/16", 11/32" , 23/64")


TopHat® Shaft shaper is very gentle compression program for wooden shafts. It compensates tolerances in the wood and it compresses the too big diameters of shafts to their needed diameter.

The TopHat® Shaft- shaper set is composed of four elements. One slot and three shaft- shaper attachments.

The slot has to be put into an electric drill and into the slot one can put the wanted attachment.

The electric drill on low speed (1000-2000 cycles). Now the shaft can be entered into the TopHat®Shaft shaper all the way and back.

Every random arrow point with the appropriate diameter can be screwed on afterwards.




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