Medieval knife kit


Length of blade : 80mm

Width of blade : 21mm

Drop point

Sharpened blade

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Medieval knife kit

  • 1 blade 80mm
  • 1 bolster
  • 1 Wood handle Blank (you will receive the piece of wood depicted in the photo)
  • 1 sheath leather piece + lace + leather spacer
  • 1 linen thread
  • 2 saddle needles n°2/0
  • No manual included
  • Attention, do not order twice the same wood, it is a unique piece presented with 2 colors of leather


You have the pleasure of assembling your own knife by customizing the handle and sheath.

Choose your kit from the drop down menu.

The making steps are: put on the bolster onto the blade tang, drill the wood square to glue the blade tang in, sand the wood to shape the handle and sew your leather sheath.


Each knife kit is composed of :


Blade :

Length of blade : 80mm

Width of blade : 21mm

Blade thickness : 3,25 mm

Drop point

HRC59 steel

Sharpened blade


This carbon blade is of high-quality; it was tempered and sharpened, you just need to add a handle to it.

The blade sharpens very easily; His V shape, also called Scandi grind, make it perfectly compatible with historical reenactment.

Medium polish with slight imperfections.


Brass bolster :

Brass bolster to protect your knife handle against wear.


Wood handle blank :

Wood handle blank for mounting your medieval knife handle.

This piece of wood will allow you to shape your knife handle, after having glued the blade tang in it.

On the photo, i present to you the oiled wood on one side, in order to show you the wood veining and the knife handle colour with an oiled finish.

You will receive the piece of wood depicted in the photo (unique piece).


Piece of leather :

This piece of leather will allow you to make your knife sheath.

This vegetable leather is a high quality leather.

Thickness : 3mm - 3,5mm

You also have a small leather lace for make a wrist strap and a small piece of leather, if you want to make a spacer behind the bolster.


Linen thread and 2 saddle stitch needles :

Campbell's waxed linen thread skein in Ø 0.79mm, with 2 needles, to make the stitching of your sheath in saddle stitch.

The 2/0 needle allows for easy threading, but if you want a finer (but harder to thread) needle, you can ask me for n°2 needles instead.

If you want another color of linen thread, just ask me.


Maintenance Tips :

Lubricate your knife handle (olive oil or colza oil),that will give a beautiful patina and will protect the wood.

Clean and lubricate your blade regularly to avoid oxidation.

I recommend Ballistol oil. It's a very good polyvalent product, which will protect your blade and nourish your wood handle.