Carolingian helmet for Franck reenactment


Carolingian helmet


Crown : 67,5cm

Thickness : 2mm

Périod : 10th, 11th

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helmet (Frank,Carolingian, 10th, 11th)

  • Internal length: 22,2cm
  • Internal width: 20cm
  • Internal diameter: 67,5cm
  • Weight: 2,69kg
  • Steel: 2mm
  • Leather chin strap


Helmet for Frankish, 10th c, 11th c.

The helmet is made of 2mm thick steel sheet, it is thus very solid, so you will be able to take blows during your battle reenactment !

This helmet is worn with a woolen cap (not supplied) or a gamboised cap (not supplied).



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