Naalbinding gloves


100% wool

Length : 26cm

Glove palm width : 8,5cm

Not dyed pure wool

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Naalbinding gloves (mitten)

  • 100 % wool
  • Nnot dyed pure wool
  • Naalbinding stitch: Fåberg
  • Length of gloves: 26cm
  • Actual size 10cm to fit your 8,5cm Glove palm width


An essential comfort accessory for the medievalist who loves winter camps, these gloves will protect you from the cold and from the wind in all your activities.

This pair of gloves has been manufactured using the "Naalbinding" technique, which is the ancestor of crochet.

These gloves are historically compatible for a large time period; they will provide an extra touch of authenticity to your equipment.

A screen cannot reproduce the real colours, so the colours you see in the picture give only an approximation of the real colours.


To protect your colours :

Hand wash at temperature of 40°C maximum.

Never use washing powders! Only use a soft liquid soap for delicate/wool items. for delicate/wool items.

Dry away from direct sunlight.