Viking necklace find at Gruczno grave 367


196 beads

Gruczno (Poland)

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Historical Viking necklace find at Gruczno grave 367

  • Number of beads : 196
  • Polychrome beads
  • Hand made work (Unique piece)
  • Material : glass


This wonderful Viking necklace was inspired by an archaeological find at Gruczno (Poland).

The original piece comes from grave 367. It was a woman’s grave.

This Viking necklace consists of 196 handmade glass beads. The beads are threaded on a linen string in a natural colour. This necklace is provided with a closure system made up of a loop that encloses a bead.

All beads are hand-made, making this necklace a unique piece.

Here you can add something about trading between Scandinavia and Kievan Rus – those beads from Gruczno are similar to those found in Kievan Rus – according to historical written sources Rus women loved green glass beads.




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