Viking necklace Hiberno-Norse


21 beads

Norway and Ireland (Hiberno-Norse)

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Historical Viking necklace Hiberno-Norse

  • Number of beads : 21
  • Polychrome beads
  • Hand made work (Unique piece)
  • Material : glass
  • Geographical zone : Norway and Ireland (Hiberno-Norse)


This necklace was inspired by early medieval Scandinavian glass bead finds.

The inspiration comes from the Viking Age in Norway and Ireland (Hiberno-Norse).

The necklace consists of 21 handmade glass beads.

There is one Hiberno-Norse type glass bead (the one in the middle).

All beads are hand-made, making this necklace a unique piece.

The beads are threaded on a linen string in a natural colour. This necklace is provided with a closure system made up of a loop that encloses a bead.




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