The Pagan Lady necklace of Peel Castle (Isle of Man)


52 beads

Peel Castle (Isle of Man)

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The Pagan Lady necklace of Peel Castle (Isle of Man)

  • Number of beads : 52
  • Polychrome beads
  • Hand made work (Unique piece)
  • Material : glass
  • Geographical zone : Peel Castle (Isle of Man)
  • Period : 950


The grave of the Pagan Lady of Peel Castle is one of the richest Viking Age female burials outside of Scandinavia.

Around 950 AD, a female was buried with her worldly goods on the Isle of Man. From a time when Vikings ruled the land and seas, it is more common to find male burials with status symbols. However, the Pagan Lady was buried in a Christian cemetery with this fine necklace.

The beads came from far and wide - Britain and Europe - and some were 300 years old when the Pagan Lady wore the necklace.

The burial demonstrates not only the real existence of powerful and high status females in a period of history that is usually dominated by the males, but also the ancient appreciation of ornamentation, of personal decoration - of pretty things. A question remains over who she was.

Other burial goods have been interpreted as domestic trappings - she was the head of the home. But perhaps she was also something else - a wise woman, a healer, a shaman.

This necklace is recreated according the archaeological find from Peel Castle.

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This Viking necklace consists of 52 handmade glass beads. Among them there are three mosaic glass beads.

The beads are threaded on a linen string in a natural colour. This necklace is provided with a closure system made up of a loop that encloses a bead.

All beads are hand-made, making this necklace a unique piece.