Naalbinding medieval sock

Naalbinding medieval sock


100% wool

Age: 7 - 10 years

Dalby stitch

Not dyed pure wool

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Naalbinding medieval sock

  • 100 % wool
  • Age: 7 - 10 years
  • Thin socks
  • Dalby stitch
  • Not dyed pure wool


These Naalbinding socks are made by hand using historical methods.

On some pairs of socks, a pure wool yarn has been coloured using a vegetable dye using European historic plants, on other pairs it was a non-dyed pure wool yarn (i.e. the natural fleece colour) which was used.

These low naalbinding socks are particularly adapted for wearing with puttees (leg wraps).

Socks are often the element of the costume that are neglected in medieval reconstruction.

Give up your modern socks and make a further step towards perfection!

Hand Wash at temperature of 40°C maximum.