Medieval knife : Yew


Total length : 26cm

Blade : 14,5cm


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Medieval Knife

  • Total length : 26cm
  • Blade length : 14,5cm
  • Blade width : 2,65cm
  • Blade : carbon steel HRC59 sharpened
  • Vegetable leather scabbard (Greased leather) with wrist strap
  • Handle : Yew


Very useful for your historical camp, you can use it for eating or cooking.

This model of knife is a reproduction based on historical sources. It is correct for a large period of the middle age for medieval reenactment

The blade is made in cutlery steel HRC59, which sharpens very well. It is made with a double flat grind, also named "Scandi grind".

The scabbard is reproduced from the "Knives & Scabbards" book. It is sewn with a Campbell's waxed linen thread with the saddler point technique.

A wrist strap is provided, allowing the knife to be hung from a belt or hung up in your camp.


Maintenance Tips :

Use rapeseed oil to maintain the handle of your knife.

Clean and lubricate your blade regularly.