Iberno Norse Viking Belt


Period : 850 - 950

Borre Style (Norway)

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Iberno Norse Viking Belt

  • Length: choose an available length
  • Width: 24cm
  • Buckle and strap end
  • Metal : authentic copper alloys
  • Period: 850 - 950
  • Borre Style (Norway)


Historic medieval belt worn by the Iro-Norwegian vikings.

This beautiful buckle plate is decorated in the Borre style and fixed with 3 rivets, riveted on 3 square washers made of copper alloy.

The strap end is decorated in Borre style and mounted with 2 rivets, riveted on 2 square washers made of copper alloy.

The belt becomes narrower the closer to the strap end.

High-quality greased leather.


The holes of this belt are not drilled.

It is possible to drill it to your measurements but this must be specified on ordering :

- Waist measurement (take your measures with your tunic, gambeson)

- Number of holes desired (the additional holes will be placed so as to increase the waist measurement)

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