Medieval candle with beeswax

Medieval candle with beeswax


Height : 15cm

Diameter : 4cm - 4,5cm

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Medieval candle with beeswax

  • Height : ~15cm
  • Diameter : ~4cm - 4,5cm
  • Pure beeswax candle produce 100% with the delicate honey perfume


This candle is handmade, produced using the dipping method, as in the Middle Ages.

The candle differs from moulded paraffin types, because here, the beeswax is pure, without any additive or dye (the beeswax is yellow by nature).

This candle releases a honey scent without any toxic smoke and burns with a bright flame.

The beeswax burns with a flame much more luminous than the other candles!
Another advantage of the candles to beeswax: they are longer than the other candles.