Woollen tunic - brown


Period : XIth-XIIth centuries

Bayeux Tapestry type (Hastings Battle)

Thick wool fabric

Hand sewn

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Medieval woollen tunic with applied collar
Compatible for reenactment in Viking, Saxon and Norman of XIth-XIIth centuries.
Bayeux Tapestry type (Battle of Hastings).

  • Woolen fabric
  • Colour : brown with off-white treads
  • Touch : dense heavy weaving, while remaining rather fine
  • Fabric weight : 500g / m ²
  • Weight : 750g
  • Size : consult the photo of the measurements
  • Hand Stitching

This medieval tunic is made according to historical sources and assembled with great attention to detail.

Gussets and gores: rhombus shaped gussets under the arms and triangular gores at the hips.

An applied woollen piece of another colour (in the same quality of fabric) is sewn around the collar, and puts the final touch to this medieval tunic for Viking, Norman and Saxon periods.

This tunic is not slit.

This quality tunic will give you complete satisfaction and will provide you with an accurate historical look.

Think of choosing a leather belt or woven belt to go with...

The tunic is the over garment, it goes on top of the shirt.

The tunic is sold separately, without accessories.