Saddler Needle n°2/0

Saddler Needle n°2/0


For SD28/20 and SD28/16 thread

For Satin laid n°132 thread

Round-pointed needle

Length: 72 mm

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Saddler Needle for leather sewing work n°2/0

  • Length: 72 mm
  • Diameter: 1,28 mm
  • Round-pointed needle
  • Sold singly


This needle is suitable for :

- Barbour/Campbell's SD28/20 waxed linen thread.

- Barbour/Campbell's SD28/16 waxed linen thread (very tight !).

- Barbour/Campbell's Satin Laid linen thread n°132.


Indispensable for your leather sewing work.

This strong needle will bring you complete satisfaction.

Can be used for sewing on a variety of materials such as leather, rawhide, fabric and pre-drilled shield wood.