Steel solid rivet : Ø 2 mm

Steel solid rivet : Ø 2 mm


Tenon length : 16 mm

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Solid rivets

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Round head solid rivets steel plain

  • Tenon diameter : Ø 2 mm
  • Tenon length : 16 mm
  • Head diameter : 3,5 mm
  • Head height : 1,2 mm
  • Round head solid rivets
  • Sold by 14


Rivets have been used to secure items together since the Iron Age.

Necessary to assemble metal, wood and leather for medieval reenactment.

A typical application for solid rivets can be found within: riveting a leather belt, helmet, buckles, strap end, metal parts like umbos...


Don’t forget to take square washers, they are very useful to buck the rivets on material such as leather, rawhide, fabric and wood.

square washer




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