Varangian Guard Viking Helmet


Discovered : Kurgan in Ukraine

Period : Late tenth century

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Varangian Guard Viking Helmet

  • Internal length: 22cm
  • Inside width: 18cm
  • Inside perimeter: 67cm (at the eyebrows)
  • Shell thickness: 2mm
  • Chinstrap: Leather

Discovered : Kurgan in Ukraine

Period : Late tenth century

The Varangian guard have formed an elite corps during the Viking expansion into Eastern Europe.

This helmet is a beautiful reproduction of the Varangians helmet found in Kurgan in Ukraine in 1972.

The helmet is made with a 2mm steel parts riveted and enhanced by various pieces of brass.

The Varangian Viking helmet is equipped with a crest that can accommodate a feather crest, which will allow you to choose, toprovide peacock feathers or horsehair mane.

The helmet is sell with the crest "horse mane" which is not assembled to the helmet, allowing you to put a different crest without having to disassemble.




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