Wooden medieval arrows KIT


Diameter : 9,1 mm


Sold by 10

Mounting time 72h

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Wooden medieval arrows KIT

  • Length: 81 cm
  • Diameter : 23/34" (9,1 mm)
  • Notch : cut in the shaft
  • Not spinned, not weighed shafts
  • wood : Pinus Sylvestris
  • Feathers cutted & glued
  • Choice of arrow heads
  • Spool of binding linen thread
  • Sold by 10

I propose you arrows KIT, to finish yourself (the hardest is made!)

Supplied as a complete package which includes:

- A spool of linen thread

You just have to put your binding with the linen thread supplies (choose your color of thread).

The length of thread is sufficient to make spiral bindings on all the length of the feathers...

- Sold with or without points

You have just to glue your points (choose your points or the option " without points ").

- 10 Arrows

Notches are cut in the wooden shaft and feathers are natural feathers.

These arrows are fletched with (6") 15,6 cm feathers.

2 feathers white and 1 feather black.

The feather shape is historic.

You can easily reconstitute beautiful historic arrows.

These arrows are sold to you without points or with 2 kind of arrow heads models of your choice.

Sold without quiver.




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