Medieval wood spoon : Ash

Medieval wood spoon : Ash


Length : 23cm

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Medieval wood spoon

  • Length : 23cm
  • Wood : ash
  • Unique piece
  • Hand carved
  • Oiled wood, ready to use


This wooden tableware is perfect for medieval re-enactment and gives an original and stylish look to your dining table.

The wood for this spoon was carefully selected from the highest quality pieces and dried before work commenced.

This species of wood was used historically for the manufacturing of spoons in the Middle Ages.

When wood undergoes this process the finished article has an extremely long life. Due to natural variations in the wood each spoon is unique and many will have some slight irregularity of shape.

This spoon is safe to use with both hot and cold food.


Caring for your spoon :

Hand wash using hot water, your usual washing-up liquid and a sponge.

Wipe and let air dry thoroughly. Once dry apply a little canola oil to all parts.

This product is not suitable for a dishwasher.