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Field arrow point


35 mm

100 grains

5/16" - 11/32" - 23/64 "

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Field arrow point

  • Length : 35 mm
  • Parallel point
  • Weight : 100 grains
  • blackened finish
  • 5/16" - 11/32 " - 23/64"
  • Sold by 12


With the parallel point, you do not have to sharp the barrel in cone.

The work just requires to pass the extremity of the shaft with a sandpaper to remove some tenth of mm, so you will not have more than to put the parallel arrow head on the shaft and to screw it in the wood.


The model Field is the most spread in the world of modern archery, he is multi-purpose and allows every types of use on varied targets (foam, straw, 3D).

Ideal for training arrows, they withdraw easily from the target.

Their darkened finish allow them to go unnoticed almost during a use in demonstration.


Installation: The arrow point has to be twisted on the blunt shaft. Through the tread in the inside of the arrow point shaft and head are strongly anchored and a self-initiated loosening is not possible.


Centring: Though its conical area in the inner front of the head, it centres perfectly. This leads to a unique true-running accuracy. The flight-characteristics and the pinpoint accuracy are improved.

Easy pulling: The head diameter is broader than the wooden shaft. This feature causes the effect of an expansion at the point of entry. This makes the pulling noticeable easier.


Advantages :

- Longer shaft life.

- No shaft sharpening necessary.

- No glue any more, short mounting time.

- The tapping thread prevents the head from detaching itself.

- Auto-centring head.

- Easy removal from target.


Tools to facilitate you the assembly are at your disposal (not essential but very practical) :


TopHat® Assembly Tool :

Stalls serves to have a good grip(taking) when you used the fillière or when you screw your points.


TopHat® Thread roughing tab :

This tool which is going to create a threading at the end of the shaft which corresponds to that from the inside of the field point, it will improve the holding of the point. Watch out, do not force!


TopHat® Pliers with integrated nock- point pliers :

Nock-point opener and closer, screw the point without scratch it.