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Leather flask


Brown leather

from 0,9 litre to1,6 litre

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Leather flask

  • Measurements : Approx. 30cm x Approx. 12cm
  • Vegetable leather
  • Coulour : brown
  • Capacity : choose an available flask


This leather flask is suitable for civil re-enactment as well as military.

It will allow you to hydrate yourself at any time, in a clean, safe way.

The linen rope will allow you to carry the flask over the shoulder.

The inside is soaked with 2 layers of bee's wax; this means that hot liquids should be avoided - use cold only.

The flask has a wooden cork with a leather strap, so you won't lose it.


User manual :

- Don't leave in the sun or by the fire.

- Don’t use with alcohol over 18% proof.

- Do not crush, do not throw.

- Do not pour hot liquids.

- Pouring soda reduce the flask life.

- After use, rinse with cold water.