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Harnessing system kit for shield : Guige strap & Forearm straps


2 Guige straps

Vegetable leather of 4mm - 4,5mm

Mounting supplies included

D-shape buckles

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Pavise Harnessing system Kit for Crossbowman

  • 2 Guige straps in 2 parts (choose an available lenght from menu)
  • Strap width : 24 mm
  • 2 hand forged D-shape buckles
  • 4 iron rings with split pin
  • 8 diamond washers
  • Vegetable greasy leather of 4mm - 4,5mm
  • Colour : brown


This Guige strap & Forearm straps system will allow you to mount your shield harnessing; the hard work has been done for you. This harness is sturdy, reliable and fully functional.


This kit includes :

2 Guiges strap in 2 parts :

The guige strap is an adjustable strap (in 2 parts), which will allow you to carry your shield on your shoulder.

This Guige, ready to use, will easily allow you to mount your shield harnessing.

You have just simply to drill 2 holes in your shield and to flip over split pin (located on the rings) across the shield on the diamond washer (supplied with the kit).

- A girth (adjustable strap), fitted with an historical buckle and rings with split pin made from iron, the strap is sewn with a strong Campbell's waxed linen thread with the saddler point technique.

- A long billet strap, will allow you to pass it through the buckle to adjust the length set (shoulder set and fight set).

With the diamond washers, the product will be secured as firmly as possible.

No hole is drilled on the strap, it will allow you to drill it yourself, to your own measurements.


No hole is drilled on the straps, it will allow you to drill it yourself, to your own measurements.


Caring for your Harnessing :

Grease your leather before use.


Some sample pictures


Shoulder strap, shield guige viking, normand, saxon

Normand shield

Viking shield