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Skjoldehamn viking hood


Light grey

100% wool


10th century - 11th century

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Skjoldehamn viking hood (simplified version)

  • Fabric 100% wool, thick
  • Density : 420g/m²
  • Touch : soft
  • Colour : Light grey
  • Period: 10th century - 11th century
  • Géographical area : Norway
  • Handsewn


This Viking hood is a simplified version, made from the historical source found near Skjoldehamn (port of Skjold) in a peat bog on the Norwegian island of Andøya.

In this version, there is no ridge effect above the head and no drawstrings at the back.

The hood has a nice fullness, which offer good protection from wind, rain and sun.

The front and back of the hood are sewn with a square gusset.

The hems seams are hand-stitched, with undyed linen thread.

This accessory is indispensable for the comfort of the medievalist.

The hood is sold separately, without accessories.


Care tips:

- Remember to preserve your garment from moths, as they love wool!

- Your garment has benefited from an anti-moth treatment, but over time, think that its effectiveness will fade.

- Do not store your garment roll into a ball in your bag, fold it.

- Hand wash with cold water only, with a mild liquid soap, such as Woolite or Mir wool.

- Dry flat on a bath towel, away from a heat source.