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Wool hose


100 % wool thick fabric

Hand sewn

Colour : mustard

Periods : 11th - 12th - 13th century

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Wool hose

  • 100 % wool thick fabric
  • Fabric weight : 420g / m ²
  • Touch : very soft
  • The wool hose is 88cm long (from the triangle point to the ankle)
  • Periods : 11th - 12th - 13th century


These medieval hose have been assembled carefully, with hand sewn hems.

The hems are sewn entirely by hand in a neat sewing work, with natural linen thread.

All hems are turned over and sewn with small stitches.

Reinforced with an extra triangular layer of wool fabric (same hose colour) at the eyelets to provide extra strength when attaching and tightening braies.

The pair of hose are sold separately, without accessories.


Care tips:

- Remember to preserve your garment from moths, as they love wool!

- Your garment has benefited from an anti-moth treatment, but over time, think that its effectiveness will fade.

- Do not store your garment roll into a ball in your bag, fold it.

- Hand wash with cold water only, with a mild liquid soap, such as Woolite or Mir wool.

- Dry flat on a bath towel, away from a heat source.