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Steel lamellar armour


Lamellar stacking: downstream

Minimum circumference: Ø113 cm

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Steel lamellar armour

  • Height: 40cm (without braces)
  • Width: 57cm
  • Weight: 5,8kg
  • Closure: Straps + 6 iron buckles
  • Edging: thick leather
  • Lamellar stacking: downstream
  • Circumference: from Ø104 cm to Ø112 cm and more


This steel lamellar amour benefits from a system of unique assembly: "symmetrical lamellar system".

It possesses a center line of lames (plates).

This system of assembly allows to divert estocs on sides in way that no sword or spear head can lift a lames !

The protection is thus maximal on this model of lamellar steel armour.

6 straps equipped with forged iron U-shaped buckles, allow you to adjust the armour securely to your size.

The edging is made of thick vegetable leather, which increases your safety and comfort of use.

This lamellaire steel armor is perfect for historical medieval reenactment for a long period: frank, Carolingian, Viking, Norman, Saxon.


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