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Thorsberg woollen trousers : Brown


Chevron Wool

Brown and beige chevron

Hand Sewn

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Thorsberg woollen trousers (small sizes)

  • Fabrics : 100% wool
  • Density : 380g/m²
  • Weaving : chevron twill
  • Touch : quite soft and fluid
  • Sizes : choose your hip width
  • Colour: brown and beige
  • Neat hand sewn

These medieval trousers are made according to a model found in Thorsberg.

They have 6 loops that allow you to wear them with his wool belt (supplied) and to adjust them to your size.

These trousers are handsewn with several parts, front and behind.

It has a large extent between the legs.

In this model, feet are not integrated.

Suitable for periods from the Viking age to the XIth century.

The trousers are sold separately, without accessories.


Care tips:

- Remember to preserve your garment from moths, as they love wool!

- Your garment has benefited from an anti-moth treatment, but over time, think that its effectiveness will fade.

- Do not store your garment roll into a ball in your bag, fold it.

- Hand wash with cold water only, with a mild liquid soap, such as Woolite or Mir wool.

- Dry flat on a bath towel, away from a heat source.


Tunique médiévale en laine


The best way to find your hip measurement:

Take a belt, adjust it so that you can put it on through the feet (like briefs), up to above the hips.

If you manage to put it on by forcing slightly above the hips, you then obtain the minimum hip size of the pants.

To be comfortable, you can add 4cm.



My belt gives me 100cm.

100cm (the minimum possible) + about 4cm (to be comfortable) = i choose a trousers of about Ø 104cm.

This way, you are sure to be able to put the pants on.


For the thigh circumference :

Please measure your thigh circumference at the largest point, to check if the leg donning is possible.

Add 4cm to 5cm to your thigh circumference.


My thigh measurement is 55cm.

55cm + 5cm = 60cm

I chose pants with a thigh circumference of about 60cm.

Also check your calf circumference.