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Medieval wooden arrows


Diameter : 23/64"

Historical binding


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Mounting time 72h

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Medieval wooden arrows

  • Length : 81 cm
  • Diameter : 23/64 "
  • Wood : Pinus Sylvestris
  • Spinned : no
  • Weighed : no
  • Notch : cut in the shaft
  • Historical binding
  • White feathers, natural linen binding
  • Sold by 6


Here is a historic reconstruction of arrows, notches are cut in the wooden shafts and arrows are fletched with natural feathers.

These arrows are fletched with white 6" feathers.

The feather pattern is historic.

A complet binding made of natural linen thread is proposed to you on this model.


These arrows are sold to you without points or equipped with 4 arrow heads of your choice (field, round bodking, historical bodkind, blunt):

Without points: offers you the advantage of mounting your own points.

Field point: it has a good penetration in target (even on 3d animals) and withdraws well from the target.

Round bodkin points: it is an aesthetic compromise which, thanks to its rounded profile, allows you to easily remove the arrow from the target.

Historical bodkin point: it has the advantage of historicity, but is difficult to remove from compressed straw targets.

Blunt point: it allows a "safe" shot when shooting at a soldier, as long as you don't shoot in the face and limit the power of the bow.


Offer yourselves the pleasure to shoot with these magnificent historic arrows.

Sold without quiver.